FOOD. Steve McCurry until Janury 6th

For the second time the San Domenico Museums host the works of the world famous photographer. The title is clear but we assure you that the pictures will drive you throught a journey of incredible colors and realities. Steve McCurry, born in the United States in 1950, has been photographing for over thirty years, landscapes faces but most all emotions. He has published in magazines such as National Geographic, Time and the New York Times and many others. We also recommend visiting the NIGHTSCAPES exhibition by Luca Campigotto, dedicated to the metropolis and city of art. A path of lights and exciting shades.

Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30am to 7.00pm. The ticket office closes an hour before
Closing: every Monday and December 25th
Extraordinary openings: 24 and 31 December from 9.30 to 13.30. 1 January 2020 from 2.30pm to 7pm. December 26th from 9.30am to 7pm.
ENTRY TICKETS: Full Euro 14.00; Reduced Euro 12.00

SPECIALE NATALE 2019 I Presepi della Romagna

CESENATICO Presepe della Marineria

Sul Porto Leonardesco  Piazza Pisacane (monumento a Garibaldi), Piazzetta delle Conserve, Casa Moretti (esterno), Chiesa di S. Giacomo Apostolo, Presepe della Marineria


L’incanto e la  magia del Natale in un suggestivo percorso


Luci nella Città Malatestiana

Piazza del Popolo, Palazzo del Ridotto (esterno), Chiesa del Suffragio, Biblioteca Malatestiana (Lapidario e Sala San Giorgio), Chiesa di Santa Cristina, Cattedrale di S. Giovanni Battista con Presepe in cripta.
Al termine, possibilità di visitare il Grandioso Presepe Meccanico Gualtieri all’ex-Pescheria, accompagnati 


Cycling in peace in the streets and paths of Romagna! Cesenatico is the world capital of this sport mainly because it has been the city of one of the greatest champions of all time: Marco Pantani the "Pirate"!
Cesenatico is surrounded by a unique inland, made up of road and off-road routes, flat and hills, climbing to incredible percentages such as the mythical Barbotto 4.6 Km with an average gradient of 8.1% and with a final ramp of 14% (peak at 18%). It is no coincidence that several Gran Fondo are held here, such as the Gran Fondo della Vie del Sale, Degli Squali, del Capitano and of course NOVE COLLI, which in 2020 celebrates 50 years. This amateur race has reached an unparalleled number of participants and the 2020 edition (May 24) will be anticipated by the 12th stage of the Giro d’Italia (20 maggio).




The Triathlon race that holds the longest routes in the world: 3.86 KM swimming, 180.260 KM bike, 42.195 KM race. Conceived by the Collins couple in 1978 in Waikiki, Hawaii (where the IRONMAN World Championship KONA are still held), has become one of the most popular sporting events in the world. To date there are over 170 races and for IRONMAN ITALY the organization has chosen Romagna!SWIM: triathletes will compete starting with swimming in the waters of the Adriatic Sea. BIKE: a journey of two loops through nature and history of Romagna. RUN: the marathon inside the city of Cervia.
The mood is: I'm at "FINISHER", that is the important thing, to participate and get to the finish line!
The most spectacular sporting event of ROMAGNA 18/19/20 September 2020.